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My Work

I like to innovate and not replicate thus I’m always looking for new ways to tell an inspiring story with my photographs.
On the top of my list of priorities is my appreciation for detail, integrity and quality all of which give my photos some unique qualities.
It’s that personal trait that pushes me to produce high-end products for my clients.

My Story

I have been photographing since before I owned a camera, I would frame shots in my mind and always day-dreaming about concepts and story telling.
This lead me to feel very comfortable and at home with photography. I have always felt very comfortable with a camera and while others seem to struggle with some basics I felt that I was soaking every thing up with ease. I guess it was easier when I wanted nothing more than learn more and more.
Something that still continues.

Goncalo Martins

Photographer/Retoucher and web designer/developer. Google+

Goncalo Martins

Photographer and retoucher with a focus in portraiture, fashion and advertising, based in London, Bristol and Devon.

Service Breakdown

  • Photography
  • Retouching
  • compositing


Photography is the art of connecting the science of light with the self

– Goncalo Martins –

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