printing in lightroom

Preparing images to print in Lightroom

For most people printing photos is a bit of a nightmare with so much to learn from colour management right through to resolution. I wanted to go through the process I use for preparing my images for printing using Adobe Lightroom. First we need to understand all the setting inside the lightroom print module, bellow I have given an explanation of the settings and provided some photos too just to make things easier.

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devon landscapes

Devon Landscapes

I will be doing a study of Devon landscapes (South West), to stay updated with this study simply follow this post. New photographs will be posted at the top of the post.

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Portugal 2014

I got the chance to visit Portugal for two wonderful weeks and in that time I was glued to my camera. Here are what I consider my favourite photographs.

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yvonne- de carlo

Yvonne De Carlo

Here is a black and white to colour conversion I did of the gorgeous Yvonne De Carlo

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jim heimann

Jim Heimann in Colour

I recently discovered photographs by Jim Heimann and they completely inspired me. I wanted to see if I could inject some life into his photographs, not that his work needs it but more of a personal challenge so I went ahead and coloured his work and wow what a difference.

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Dartmoor National Park

I decided to do a short series on Dartmoor National Park and particularly surrounding the wild ponies that live in the wild without fences.

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Perfect Watermark

Lets face it a watermark is one thing there is no general consensus on by photographers. Some use them, others don’t and some use them too much. So I’m not going to tell you what is right or wrong but instead just give you my thinking behind what I choose to do about watermarks and why.

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create dynamic images

Creating Dynamic Images

I think that something that is more important than a photographs technical execution is its ability to be dynamic.

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photography myths

Photography Myths

So I wanted to shared with you guys my opinion on something that I see everyday and that I am sure you all do too. It’s very natural for people to want

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