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Logo Design Mistakes by Photographers

Logo Design Mistakes by Photographers

Here it is guys, I’m going to give it to you straight, you’re photographers not logo designers. Why would you damage your photographs by slamming an ugly logo on them? If you’re not able to finance a graphic designer then make sure you pull your logo right back to its simplest design.

When designing your own logo for photography here are things to avoid

Rule 1:

At all costs avoid aperture icons in logos, your photo itself is enough to let people know your a photographer never mind the fact that it is over-used and cliche. You don’t want or need anything to draw viewers attention away from your work.


Rule 2:

Don’t get pulled in by fancy curly typography, all that does is make it harder for observers to read your logo.


Rule 3:

Always make your logo as small as possible, you’re trying to sell your photos not your logo. This also applies to watermarking, there is nothing more ugly than logos running right across images.


Rule 4:

Create a logo usage blueprint, this should highlight what colour your logo should be if the background colours change and how you display your logo with your images. This will ensure that you keep your logo looking nice and consistent throughout.


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