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Photography Myths


So I wanted to shared with you guys my opinion on something that I see everyday and that I am sure you all do too. It’s very natural for people to want

to put everything into boxes as this kinda helps us to process life and define what is good/bad in life. However, this can be the one thing that creatives should avoid at all costs. You need to fight every urge in your body to categorise, compartmentalised and box everything. I hope to show how these myths are a load of trash practiced by stunted creatives by showing photographic examples that should have never seen the light of day if we believed and followed the myths.

Myth 1 – Blown highlights

How many times have you heard “your highlights are blown” as a criticism or put-down? I’m here to tell you that sometimes it’s important to preserve highlights and other times it’s also ok to use them in an artistic way. I find the people who moan and batter people about blown highlights often have really dull portfolios so follow your own creative journey and don’t be afraid to break the mold.


Myth 2 – Hard Contrast

Contrast is a dial, when you turn down it makes things look flat and when you turn it up it adds depth so don’t be afraid to turn things up a notch or two or even three. Creativity isn’t about hanging around the comfortable medium zone so push things to where they say more about you as an artist rather than your ability to conform

Plymouth SiltMyth 3 – Uneven Horizon

Please can people stop moaning about horizons, there are better things to waste time on like your horizontal perfection OCD, I’m not saying every photo would suit having a wonky horizon but I am saying go out and mess about with it and stop putting obstacles in front of yourself by making up crazy rules that only hinder your creativity

Portuguese roof topsConclusion

You really can not discount photos purely on set values such as “the sky is blown” because quite often when we push these boundaries it’s when the real magic starts happening. My pet-hate is the blown highlights trash so I have included iconic images from Vogue that blow that stereotype out og the water.