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Freelance Success

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So you’re plodding along and just hopping good things will happen to your freelance business, for a start-up business to succeed then it requires more than you wanting it to succeed.

Decisions that will enable you to succeed

1 Make a list of Goals
The most obvious yet least practiced route to success in most freelance businesses is the use of goals, so you bounce around aimlessly hoping that things will happen and that those things will have a positive outcome of your business. Be proactive, take charge of your business direction and set yourself realistic goals. Having set goals will give you focus and begin to shape your business.

2 Choose your markets
So you think you’re in the clear just because you’ve set some goals set, well you’re not. Now you have your goals you’ll need to think about your market. This will help you to figure out who your target user or client is, the people who will buy your product or use it. A great tip is to go for a market that you are naturally passionate about that way your customers will feel your passion.

3 Raise some funds
It’s safe to say that we all need to pay bills and put food inside us so you will need to raise capital. The first line of thought is to try to raise some funds via our customers by generating some or more profit from our work/services. The more profit you make then the more cash flow you will have for equipment and supplies. Another way to increase funds is by reducing your costs, try to get your prints for the most reasonable cost, cheaper SD cards, investing in rechargeable batteries etc.. Angel investors, venture capitalists as well as family and friends could be another source of funds.

4 Build the team
No one can ever become successful on their own so you will need to build a team around you of people who show your own passion and who can give key skills that are valuable to your business. For you it might be a professional retoucher, MUA etc.. One thing that strikes me is that things really changed for me when I stopped seeing every creative as a possible friend and instead started making professional working relationships with talented people, this is the underpinning foundation for success. Working with talented people not only raises your game but also creates a culture of shared success.

5 Gaining market share
There are several ways to do this advertising being one way but I find that offering a unique product or service is the best long term solution. You need to offer something that sets you apart from the competition.

6 Adapt adapt adapt
The marketplace is constantly evolving so you should too. You need to stay up to date with software, technology and customer needs. If you can’t adapt your goals etc.. As the markets and clients change then you will surely be heading for failure.


Follow these six steps to success right away and always adapt them as things evolve to stay ahead

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